1. Q1. DELIVERY CHARGES FOR ORDERS FROM THE ONLINE SHOP?No. Shipping or Delivery charges required. and We ship World-wide. But for over night shipping a fee of $30 is required and this is eligible only in the US & CANADA
  2. Q2. HOW LONG DOES DELIVERY TAKE?Delivery may take 1-5 days. Except for the US & CANADA which we provide overnight shipping.
  3. Q3. WHAT HAPPENS AFTER ORDERING?Payment for your order is required for order to be processed. Once done we process your order and ship to the delivery address provided on checkout. No date is save on our system, once order has been successfully delivered we clean all information linked to our client for security reasons.
  4. Q4. WHAT PAYMENT METHODS DO YOU ACCEPT?We only accept crytocurriences like; Bitcoins and Ethereum
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